When it comes to photography, there are several factors that come into play when crafting a masterpiece. Naturally, a skilled photographer is a crucial part of the puzzle, but it’s far from the only factor. There are numerous variables involved in a great shot, and you need to nail all of them in order to pull of the perfect shot. As stated before, a photographer is the glue that holds it all together, but let’s give some attention to the lesser considered aspects of a given photos. The B team, if you will. Here is what you need to know.

First and foremost, you’ll need a backdrop. Many professional photographers have artificial backdrops on hand to turn their studio into a given scene to make each photo as close to perfect as possible without all of the hassle and travel time of using natural backdrops. However, this is what makes them professional photogs instead of artists.The art of photography demands the use of natural backdrops to create unique and inspired pieces, instead of trying to achieve artificial perfection that is simply incapable of hitting the mark. Scouting for locations in advance is an important part of producing photos with natural backdrops, so you’ll want to do some general travel to create a backlog of possible locations.

Next, let’s talk about models. Many photogs stick to simple landscape photos, but most of them will do portraits and other types of photos that will require a human subject. That’s where models come in. Naturally, if you’re an amateur photog, you’ll be precluded from hiring professional models, for the most part, so you’ll have to make do with other amateurs like yourself, or simply ask some friends to help out. This is actually for the best, however, as professional models offer very little diversity of body type, thanks to extreme use of Medifast Diet and other supplements to flatten all of human kind into a single body shape per sex, and that makes for dull and, again, artistically bankrupt photos.

Another important facet of photography is, of course, gear. Of course, you’ll want the best camera you can find, and that’s fairly black and white. However, accessories and settings become extremely important here. For example, you’ll want the proper settings on your camera to shoot in low light conditions when necessary. Another important element at play is lenses, as well as tripods and other such camera mounting gear.